Charles Green asks the Blue Knights for help

I have to admit that I am developing something of a liking for Mr Charles Green.

For a start the man does think big!

If you are to succeed in life you need the vision thing.

Before he got the keys to the White House Barack Obama published his book:

“The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream”.

It was about the power of having a dream and of thinking things can be better.

Certainly the young Obama had a dream!

So it would appear does Mr Green.

I am reliably informed that just before the Jubilee bunting went up Charlie and the boys went  soliciting some members of the Blue Knights consortium to get on board.

I understand that the response was less than chivalric.

He was forced into this course of action because promises of cash  from other parties have all but dried up and Charlie appears to be in a bit of bother raising the readies.

That he thinks that it is ok to approach the opposition for financial backing makes me warm to the guy.

It really does.

I hope he makes it.

It would be a great pity if he stumbled at this stage.

Charlie owning New Co Rangers  would be simply wonderful.

Sweat the dream Charlie.

Sweat the dream.


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