A game changing gaffe

The scale of the Court of Session own goal scored by Duff & Phelps is only starting to emerge.

I had to check again that it was only two days ago that I wrote the following.


Since then I have canvassed opinion from Aberdeen to Zurich on the likely fall out from this crime against football authority.

I am now as convinced as I can be the Rangers will be temporarily suspended from membership of the Scottish Football Association.

Had one even considered this two weeks ago it would have been risible.

It now seems a racing certainty.

Someone very close to the action advised me today that “the sanction will have to go north from where it is now” and by that he explained that the fine would remain in place, but that merely suspending Rangers from the Scottish cup would not be sufficient.

I detected a genuine exasperation and, after a while, real anger at what Rangers had inflicted on Scottish football by going to court.

People within several provincial clubs who had previously been well disposed towards the Rangers situation more or less threw their hands in the air after this one.

I hope that the chant of “no one likes us we don’t care” wasn’t an idle boast.

FIFA are, I was informed, “comfortable that the situation is back inside football”.

However, the world governing body wishes to be appraised of events more or less as they happen in Glasgow.

Lord Carloway and his colleagues now have very few options to choose from.

They will, once more, review the sanction imposed on Rangers, this time with the knowledge that Rule 66 trumps Article 95.

The original judicial panel headed by Gary Allan QC created a sanction that kept the show on the road, but acknowledged the seriousness of what had happened at Ibrox under Craig Whyte.

Now that option is not open to them.

The question that I can’t answer is why this was done by Duff & Phelps in the first place.

A well placed insider offered the following analysis.

“Look, they’ve been getting lambasted by the Rangers support since February, suddenly they had a move that bought them fifteen minutes of love and they took it!”

That’s an opinion of someone who is well placed to conjecture I simply don’t know.

My guy was also contemptuous of the Duff & Phelps defence that they weren’t aware of the FIFA ramifications of going to law.

What I was also reminded of was that it was likely that the Ibrox club would now face fresh charges for going to court.

In fact FIFA may well insist on this.

At the start of this little drama Ally McCoist demanded to know the identities of the original “Hampden 3” claiming that these men “could have killed this football club!”

I believe the Rangers manager spoke too soon on this one.

His club will die, but the final blow will not have been struck by the unmasked judicial trio, but by two chaps much closer to home.

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