Club and country

The club versus country debate just acquired a new meaning on Planet Fitba.

Now the people at the head of the SFA have a decision to make that they never thought that they would even have to consider.

There is a hierarchy of needs when it comes to the affairs of professional football.

The country always comes first.

FIFA will expect the SFA to uphold the writ of Planet Football.

In taking their association to court Rangers transgressed massively in the eyes of FIFA.

The world governing body will expect swift and sever retribution.

However, those FIFA boys don’t grasp that we are discussing “the Rangers” and that rules in Scotland are just really for all the other clubs.

Of course one of the people discussing this shambles should be enjoying this fine gardening weather.

The fact that Campbell Ogilvie is still in the building tells you all you need to know about the SFA.

If people in the blue half of Glasgow think this is a massive victory for their disgraced club I have a one word riposte:


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