The final performance

Tomorrow in Perth Rangers will take to the field in the final SPL match of season 2011-2012.

I believe it will be the last time that this club will play a competitive professional football match.

I am convinced that Rangers (1872) will soon be liquidated.

There are several players interested in acquiring some or all of the assets with a view to trading under the Rangers franchise, but the club will be no more.

Companies house will record that the company established in 1872 and incorporated in 1899 will have ended in 2012. It will say “liquidation” beside that company.

“The Rangers” will be, over, done with, a thing of the past.

Contrary to the increasingly desperate spin from the hack pack this week Scottish football will not “die” when Rangers expire, quite the opposite in fact.

The Ibrox club introduced financial doping on an industrial scale and this choked off a career route for young native talent.

It also forced Celtic into a borrowing fuelled arms race in the first decade of the millennium.

Celtic bought off-the-shelf senior pros and put it on the card.

There was little space for youth to blossom in the Hoops.

Now the Parkhead club is financially healthy with home grown players like James Forrest and Dylan McGeouch figuring in the first team.

Hopefully this trend will continue.

Moreover, I believe that the country as a whole will be the healthier without the toxic pathogen at Edmiston Drive.

Ibrox stadium has been a theatre of hatred for generations.

The employment policy of Rangers wrote a permission of slip for anyone in Scotland who harboured a hatred of Irish Catholics.

When football historians examine this club post-mortem will they finally establish that there was also a “policy” for Republic of Ireland players similar to the one for Catholics pre 1989?

Scottish society will undoubtedly benefit from the absence of a club that has provided a gathering point and a source of affirmation for social poison.

Ibrox stadium has been the hedge school that taught the mob that wrecked Manchester in 2008 and socialised the man who murdered Mark Scott.

Anyone wishing to establish a NewCo and trade on the Rangers franchise may wish to examine the Unique Selling Proposition of the brand.

If excising anti-Irish racism alienates the Ibrox customer base then any prospective owner must address their own social responsibility.

Is it acceptable in 2012 in having a business plan based on the bigot pound?

As the Billy boys gather at Perth tomorrow the locals may wish to point out that Muirton Park, the original ground of St. Johnstone, was sold to the retail giant Asda.

Of course St. Johnstone FC will still be alive at the start of next season.

Rangers won’t.

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