Scrap value only

Bill Miller is a successful businessman.

Unlike Craig Whyte there is evidence of wealth.

Not the billionaire off the radar variety, but he has been a success in the jungle of North American business.

He has made his money out of car wrecks.

Now he turns up to one of the biggest pileups in the history of British sport.

I have yet to see any evidence of the MSM in Scotland doing their due diligence on Mr Miller.

I do recall the last time that a North American based businessman declared in an interest in Rangers

There are many questions that the guys on the Scottish sports desks should be asking.

What exactly does Mr Miller plan on towing away from this pile of wreckage?

How much scrap value is in the Scotland’s establishment club?

Will he have to haggle over the registration documents from the current less than careful owner?

Does he intend to put this jalopy back on the road?

Just don’t expect the lads in the Scottish press to be looking under the hood.

They will be too busy fingering the gear stick to notice that the big end has gone.

As this wreck of a football club is towed away some of those on board still think that it is motoring along nicely.

Ah, bless.

Meanwhile those of us at the side of the road can be forgiven for rubber necking at the entire macabre spectacle.

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