The mob of misrule

There are several cultural differences between both of the big tribes on Planet Fitba.

When I listened to Neil Doncaster last night explaining the imminent admission of an Ibrox NewCo into the SPL I thought of one of those differences.

I believe that it is important for the blue tribe to believe that people are frightened of them.

This is the conqueror’s respect.

Hence they hate to be mocked and laughed at.

On Sunday those who the Rangers people believe to be their ethnic inferiors collapsed in hilarity at the state of the Ibrox club as the light blues fell to pieces on the pitch.

It is the essential difference between Seville in 2003 and Manchester 2008.

Mirth versus malice.

Over the past month I have spoken to several journalists in Glasgow who are simply frightened of becoming a target of  The People.

I haven’t spoken with Mr Keevins about this, but I am not surprised at what he reveals.

There isn’t anyone within the Scottish media village who doesn’t think that Rangers are done for.

Everyone in the know accepts that the Ibrox club established in 1872 will be liquidated soon and that isn’t up for debate.

What is at issue now is what happens to any NewCo.

The senior decision takers and those who write about the game in Scotland appear to be, in part, influenced by how the Rangers mob will perceive them.

The “Hampden 3” have already experienced a little of that venom.

The only person to put cash on the table in believable amounts is Mr Bill Miller of the USA.

His strategy is clearly the NewCo route.

When Rangers die in liquidation there will be an angry mob looking for vengeance.

Given that Mr Miller is from the fine state of Tennessee then that should give him enough Scope to understand what he is about to become embroiled in.

The klan that marched to Hampden at the week end still has some evolving to do.

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