A better life when Rangers die

I was asked a question recently that made me stop and think.

So it was a good question.

It was this:

What will you do when Rangers die?

It is reasonable and relevant given their impending demise.

As they finally exhale in the liquidation ward I will feel free to do other things.

I have several projects that have been gathering resentment on the creative shelf for several years now.

I had planned to have another play on tour by now.

“Flight of the Earls” was very well received when it toured the West in 2007.

The thrill of seeing your words come to life on stage is a thrill I want to experience again.

There are other projects too.

I have been told by several friends who are all published writers that a collection of my short stories has real potential.

When Scotland’s shame is liquidated I will consider my work done.

A job that started with opposing the “Famine song” in 2008 will be over.

Regular readers here will have some idea of the work that has gone into this site over the past few years.

However, there has been so much more done behind the scenes.

I will consider liquidation of Rangers as a form of closure for this project.

Although there may be a “NewCo” they will have a break in their history that cannot be repaired.

The original shameful club will have died and the good guys can enjoy a right to brag that will be unending.

Moreover the club whose supporters brought the world the “Famine song” DESERVES to die!

Any group, any sub culture, that considers it funny to dance on the unmarked graves of over a million people are beyond clemency.

When I stand on Croagh Phadraig I look down on Aughavale cemetery where my father and all his side are at their rest eternal.

With a good set of binos and a map I can plot out a handful of unmarked graves from An Gorta Mor just from that vantage point above Clew bay.

In those places there are thousands who were tipped into the Mayo soil without shroud or memorial when we were owned by the biggest political power on the planet.

Yet this crime against humanity is the stuff of comedy for the Shameless Rangers family.

I had considered writing several believable scenarios that would plot a route out of Administration and prevent Rangers from being liquidated.

So as just to give “The People” some hope.

I know how desperate they are to grab onto anything that will deliver them from this nightmare.

It would, of course, only be temporary respite and it would be a Nietzschean torment.

Although the “Famine song” choir deserve every ounce of pain and humiliation this is not a job I can do.

I will not spin some yarn to give them hope.

That’s the job of the succulent bambs.

Rangers ARE on death row and they WILL die.



After the end comes I intend to take a vacation.

I am thinking of Italy (it has to be somewhere that does great ice cream) and hopefully I will get down to some serious reading.

Perhaps I can finally have a meaningful relationship with my new Kindle.

That word has all sorts of different and new exciting meanings for me now.

Things are stirring, heating up.

The fire is lit.

Yes, I like the significance of this new toy.

I like the feel of it.

It is small and light and contains all manner of secret lessons for me if I am willing to learn.

I have downloaded all manner of delights into it already.

I’m still willing to embrace new things.

Rangers will die and life will go on.

The world will be better for their passing.

Be happy.

I am.

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