Scotland’s Shameless.

This isn’t about owing lots of people money.

This isn’t about being insolvent.

This is about morality.

From Inverness to Austria, football clubs to newsagents and even the emergency services.

No one seems to escape the Rangers contagion.

The infection is out of control and this club is poisoning everything that it comes into contact with.

Among the 276 creditors are small businesses – some of them family run – that could go to the wall because of the cavalier attitude of Scotland’s establishment club to meeting their responsibilities.

Rangers FC have behaved in a fashion that suggests that they believed paying bills was for lesser types and that everyone else had to pick up the tab for their indulgent lifestyle.


The mainstream media today are trying to portray this as a damning indictment of Craig Whyte.

Someone not aware of the history of this club would be forgiven for believing that if their only source of information on Rangersgate was the succulent lamb lads.

Those who dined at Murray’s table and obediently followed his orders now style themselves as investigative journalists seeking out the truth.


However, I believe that an item scheduled for transmission on Channel 4 News tonight will put that one to bed for good.

The headline figure of £134million does, of course, include the Big Tax Case which, of course, didn’t happen on Craig Whyte’s watch.

The emphasis by the mainstream media on Whyte attempts to conceal the larger truth.

This is a club that has sought over more than two decades to get any financial advantage possible over their rivals and to hell with the wider consequences.

Did someone mention “unsurpassed dignity”?

Just asking…

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