A PhD in failure.

Ah the poor Laptop Loyal.

How the mediocre have fallen.

They now have to endure the scrutiny of an award winning journalist in a, yes you guessed it, award winning news organisation.


The mainstream media (MSM) have been trounced in the Rangersgate story by bloggers and citizen journalists.

Here is my first piece on the impending Rangers financial crisis.

Note the date.


The MSM scoffed in 2009 that Rangers were in any kind of money trouble.

That is because they were told by…err… Rangers that everything was ok.

That was good enough for them.

In November 2011 the world was told that Craig Whyte was a “billionaire” and that he loved Rangers.


Alex mentioned in his blog that there was fertile ground for a PhD in media studies on the failure of the Laptop Loyal.

I recently suggested the very same idea to a friend of mine who is a Professor of Journalism in a leading UK university.

He agreed with me and plans to discuss this with appropriate post graduate students.

Terms like “laptop Loyal” and “succulent lamb” are about to enter the lexicon of academe.

It is a form of fame that chaps like Keith Jackson perhaps didn’t count on.

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