The dangers of bear baiting.

Triumphalists don’t like to be taunted.


Today in Glasgow a football club whose culture is rooted in Britain’s imperial age will be baited about their impending demise.

The result on the pitch will be completely irrelevant to what plays out in the summer after match day revenue has dried up.

It is important for the people tasked with running the game in Scotland that Rangers limp over the line intact.

I don’t expect them to survive the summer.

As with any terminally ill patient there are several things that could finish them off in their weakened state.

The Celtic fans will turn up to deploy their weapon of choice in these encounters.


The Empire gone and with their football club about to die the PA will blast out the “Dambusters” march.

The idea of this wannabe 617 squadron on Disability Benefit is, of course, risible.

I find it hard to suppress a chuckle…

It is, of course, highly appropriate that, due to their historical illiteracy, they have  chosen a clear war crime to fixate upon.

However they can be chastised about selecting that particular RAF operation on another day.

I would make a total Canute of myself if I asked the Celtic supporters inside Ibrox not to gloat or taunt the home crowd.

The good guys in all of this aren’t the guys in green or blue, but those in yellow.

The police will have plenty inside the stadium and its environs.

Of course the guardians of the Queen’s Peace are not immune to attack from the loyal mob.

If the result of the match doesn’t go the way that the Rangers chaps want then I fear for the consequences later on tonight wherever bears are found in any numbers.

That said it is also true that Rangers fans can also be dangerous when they win.

However, Celtic winning the championship at Ibrox in these circumstances could have been written as a staff exercise for senior police officers in Strathclyde.

Tonight in Glasgow could be murderous.

So if you are reading this and you are on your way to the Broomloan stand then mind yourself after the match.

My real concern is for isolated people in the city many hours from now happily stumbling along a street hoping to flag down a taxi to take them home.

The Queen’s lynch mob may well be out tonight so please stay safe.

The only danger for Rangers fans is that they could be laughed at a little too much for their liking.

Billy I know it isn’t meant to be like this and you never ever envisaged this sequence of events in your lifetime, but as the empire is finished then so, soon, will be your football club.

Take it on the chin.

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