The liquidation of Rangers.

Some people think yesterday was the darkest hour in the 140 years of Rangers.

That’s a matter of opinion.

However, the days ahead are going to make yesterday look rather bright.

I am informed that the cash flow situation at the Ibrox club is dire, and that in order to make the payroll commitments at the end of this month there will have to be some chainsaw trimming of the staffing establishment.

Now that the club is in Administration that does not mean that they don’t have to keep the lights on.

Rangers have no credit line from a bank.

If they simply run out of cash, then liquidation will follow on very shortly afterwards.

To the regular visitors here who scoffed at the idea of the Ibrox club being put into Administration then you were wrong.

Sometimes I approved their comments for viewing, but often they were too abusive and libelous to be allowed out onto the site.

These same dignified British patriots have, of course, the freedom to dismiss the idea of this “great Scottish institution” (sic) being liquidated rather rapidly.

It is permissible to laugh off the very concept that this could happen.

No, please, chuckle if you want to.

I haven’t stopped laughing in two days.

Join me in the mirth.

It is the best medicine.


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