The end of history.

A sense of history and continuity is vital to all football fans everywhere.

The date of establishment is almost always on the club’s crest.

Rangers Football Club was founded in 1873.

If the company, that was set up when Queen Victoria was on the imperial throne is liquidated, then it will be no more.

The historical thread of tradition will be broken.

There will, in time, perhaps be A Rangers, but it won’t be THE Rangers.

It won’t be the same club because Rangers (1873) will be dead.

Another club called Rangers or some variant of that name may be set up.

The supporters are the lifeblood of any football club.

To attract the previous clientele the new company will have to look at what created such a loyal customer base for the club established in 1873.

What was the unique selling proposition that created the huge following?

Was it the sectarian employment policy for most of the 20th century?

Was it the swaggering Herrenvolk hubris and imperialistic jingoism?

Was it the inexplicable failure to find ONE player from the Republic of Ireland good enough for their first team in the last 50 years?

Rangers have been a nexus for the most toxic aspects of a North British sub-Victorian world view that should go into the landfill of history.

Every times Rangers play it allows an opportunity for the mob to authorise and validate the birth defect of modern Scotland; anti-Irish racism and anti-Catholic hatred.

In the age of Holyrood and a growing Scottish awareness is there truly any room for the belief system that nurtures this fascist underclass?

If there is a new club born can it be different from the old one?

Can the supporters sing songs about the club’s players?

When, for example, have you ever heard the crowd at Ibrox sing a song about the majestic Jim Baxter?

The question that I have when considering the post liquidation scenario is this:

“Can the new Rangers be normal?”

There may be doubts about where money for the “NewCo” will be sourced from.

However, I believe the  pressing issue is whether or not the new club can get new fans because the current supporters  do not deserve anything other than the misery and angst they are now enduring.

The good news for decent football fans in Scotland is that their emotional condition is about to get much worse.

As for Rangers?

Soon they just might be history.

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