Homage to UEFA

On December 30th a rather interesting football match will take place. It will be between Catalonia and Tunisia at the Olimpic Lluis Companys* stadium, which was once the home of Espanyol.

Interestingly last year (Dec 28th, 2010) at the same venue Catalonia played Honduras and triumphed 4-0.

In 2009 the annual game was played at Camp Nou against Argentina and Catalonia won 4-2.

It is an important and much celebrated part of the Catalan festive celebration.

It is a game that reflects a people’s history and traditions.

While the Catalonian ‘national’ team is not affiliated to FIFA or UEFA the opposition are; the stadiums used are also under the auspices of UEFA.

It might present the politically correct UEFA with a dilemma. Are the following words from the Catalonia national anthem which I am informed is sung at the game not political?

Catalunya triomfant,

Catalonia triumphant,

tornarà a ser rica i plena.

shall again be rich and bountiful.

Endarrera aquesta gent

Drive away these people,

tan ufana i tan superba.

Who are so conceited and so contemptful.


Bon cop de falç!

Strike with your sickle!

Bon cop de falç, defensors de la terra!

Strike with your sickle, defenders of the land!

Bon cop de falç!

Strike with your sickle!

Ara és hora, segadors.

Now is the time, reapers.

Ara és hora d’estar alerta.

Now is the time to stand alert.

Per quan vingui un altre juny,

For when another June comes,

esmolem ben bé les eines.

Let us sharpen well our tools.


Que tremoli l’enemic,

May the enemy tremble,

en veient la nostra ensenya.

upon seeing our symbol.

Com fem caure espigues d’or,

Just as we cut golden ears of wheat,

quan convé seguem cadenes.

when the time calls we cut off chains.


To me these words are stunningly inspiring.

Can they cause offence to others within Spain, without a doubt.

I have friends in Castile La Mancha who think such sentiments are an affront to the territorial integrity of Spain.

Is this song of a provocative and political nature?


In the interests of consistency then no doubt the UEFA match delegate, if there is one present, will include this song in his/her report.

*The stadium was renamed in 2001 after General Lluis Companys i Jover, a former President of Catalonia who was executed by Franco’s regime  in the nearby Montjuïc Castle in 1940.

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