Billionaires do things differently.

What is it with Craig Whyte and negotiating?

One would have thought that Mr Whyte, described by Keith Jackson as being “in charge of a vast business empire, his wealth is off the radar” , would know a thing or two about the proper form in business negotiations.

You would, wouldn’t you?

First there was the David Goodwillie negotiations.

The chaps at Dundee United clearly didn’t realise that they were dealing with a tycoon with a global reach.

Then there was the Aluko debacle.

Beyond parody, so I won’t try.

Now I am hearing that the suave billionaire approached HMRC recently to settle the tax case currently going through the First Tier Tribunal system.

He didn’t get to first base with the Taxman.

He wanted to settle, but for a sum less than had been rebuffed by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs in January.

Just as in January the message that came back from HMRC was clear and unequivocal.

“No deal!”

The reasonable question to put, as I did in January of the old regime, why would you offer to settle the tax case when very you are confident of winning it?

That makes no sense to me, but then I’m not a billionaire.

They do things differently in Billionaireland.