Nikica Jelavić

I have to admit that this story in the Sun about Nikica Jelavić made me smile.

It reminded me of that last time the Croatian striker was the subject of “interest” from Leicester City FC.

At the time of the last “bid” from Leicester I stayed silent.

I knew there was no substance to it.

However one should never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

This bravado in the Scottish sports pages at the end of the last transfer window about Rangers rebuffing a multi-million pound bid  for Nikica Jelavić was a serious own goal.

One can only imagine the anger in senior HMRC circles at a company that they were taking legal action against for £2.8milion unpaid taxes publicly flaunting the fact that they had refused to realised an asset worth £6.5million!

Oh dear…

Therefore I was quite content for this to go unchallenged at the time.

Then of course there was the £9.5million bid at the same time from the unknown agent in another universe.

Even the laptop loyal agreed with Peter Lawwell that the idea was risible.

They all laughed.

Although, I suspect, the taxman was not smiling at Rangers turning down a “real” bid from Leicester back in August.

The £2.3 million arrested in the “wee tax case” is still frozen.

That particular day of reckoning is in two weeks.

Of course Mr Whyte and his associates could attempt to access funding from other sources to keep the show on the road.

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