Source material.

This time last week I was expecting some major news out of Ibrox.

I had been told weeks before that the days 26th and 27th of October would be “historic for Rangers Football club.”

This source has been consistently correct with many RFC stories for me over the past few months.

Therefore I had no cause  to doubt his information.

The one time I did so I had reason to rue my scepticism.

It was he who told me that Mr Whyte was very serious about buying Rangers.

I didn’t believe him.

That was the last time I made such a mistake.

When he told me of these important dates at the end of October I put it out on Twitter.

Those sufficiently interested can scroll back thru my tweets, but it must have been a month ago

As the month of October went on we kept in daily contact and he used terms like:

“They’re going into melt down. Situation rapidly deteriorating.”

The 28th of October arrived and there was not a peep that anything was happening.

I contacted another source.

This man is a senior corporate lawyer a staunch Rangers man and very “in” with people who had recently been around the Ibrox board room table.

He told me that lunchtime the following:

“There is a big pow wow going on at Ibrox right NOW! They are in a position were they are no longer able to trade.”

He stated this as an assertion.

He was utterly convincing.

I didn’t think he was lying.

I couldn’t stand this up, but I did put out the quote on twitter as a quote.

It kicked off a firestorm.

People believed that this was the end for Rangers that afternoon.

Of course I did not say this or anything like it, but people put their own spin on it.

When Rangers continued to trade there was some crowing in the succulent lamb wing of the mainstream media.

We learned yesterday that Rangers on the 26th October lodged paperwork   with companies house indicating that they have moved “the whole assets of the company” assets to be in control of Close Leasing ltd.

An excellent analysis follows here from the irrepressible “Rangers Tax Case” blogger.

What I try to bring to the readers of this site is newsworthy content that is the product of many hours of fact checking and good old journalistic “digging.”

At the end of it though you have to trust your sources.

Throughout the month of October I was confident that my primary source on this matter was correct.

His belief was based on excellent access to crucial data.

He consistently stated to me that Rangers were simply running out of money because they couldn’t access a credit line with a bank and the owner would not bankroll the operation.

All my secondary sources were saying very similar things. In the intelligence world what they were providing me would be described as “chatter.”

What my primary source was giving me was real gold dust.

We now know that Rangers FC have approached a company to access a line of highly expensive credit.

They’re on borrowed time on borrowed money  and, of course the “Big Tax Case” is about to resume this month.

As I was preparing this piece I called him to tell him I was setting the record straight for him.

I said “fair play you were bang on the money!”

He gave a little chuckle.

My source has been vindicated and so, dear reader, have I.

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