And in the blue corner…

I have to admit that I find the world of PR  companies horribly fascinating.

For example it  may seem a just tad ironic  to some that the PR firm employed by Rangers’ owner Craig Whyte to try and hold back  the marauding hordes of journalists wanting to know the grisly details of monies owed to HM Revenue  & Customs by Rangers  are also hard at work  for a controversial true blue who wants to be a crucial part of HM Government.

In the strange world of PR such conflicts are hardly worth a passing thought, it would seem.

The firm riding the two white horses is none other than Hay and McKerron. While not quite wearing the Queen’s colour,  the gallant duo released a press release on behalf of their new ‘true blue’ client Ruth Davidson, the lady who want to be the Leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party in Scotland.

According to their release, bookies Stan James had their client Ruth as 11/10 favourite to win the Scottish Conservative Leadership race.  Perhaps not surprisingly they had no odds on their other client, Craig Whyte, paying the Rangers’ tax demand if it becomes due after November.