Grand Theft London.

The riots in London will be quelled. The strong state of the UK will do all that is necessary to maintain order in their capital, one of the great cities of the world.These riots afford an opportunity for social policy warriors to come to blows.

The religious right will point to the fact that the typical rioter is the product of a single mother on welfare. Hence the lad has been raised without seeing the discipline of work and getting a regular clip around the ear.

The political left will point to the social deprivation of “sink estates” where these young men come from. They will also say that the shooting of a man was catalyst for this outpouring of justifiable ghetto alienation.

This, of course, flies in the face that the justifiable anger at this killing has simply become a looting spree.

When did the acquisition of a plasma TV become a basic human right?

This English intifada seems more the product of an obsession with things rather than with ideas.

Feminists will point out that the riots are further incontrovertible proof of the awfulness of men (despite the fact that girls have played an important role in this street theatre).

Of course it is “male violence” that will finally restore order over the next few days.

It is the absence of  order in a city that threatens women more than most.

This is a reminder, if we need one, of the basic truth that without the protection of the law  there can be no tolerable quality of life in a large city.

Despite the dialogues and debates about the causes of these riots there can be no doubt about who the good guys are in this new video game “Grand Theft London”.

Like when Rangers are playing away in Europe I support the police.