Roland Tis and his Scottish “deputy”.

As chance would have it  UEFA match delegate Roland Tis will have, in effect, a Scottish assistant for the match between Rangers and Malmo at Ibrox.The UEFA Match Delegate Observer (UMDO) tomorrow night at Ibrox is a Scot with extensive experience of football administration at club level.

It is UEFA policy that all match delegates following on from their training course with a match where they shadow an expereinced  match delegate to see how it is done.

They then work as a match delegate at  match mentored by an experienced colleague appointed for that reason.

Rangers there themselves were slightly spooked when they saw the identity of the UMDO.

The Ibrox club were not aware that it is UEFA policy to give the observer  the first match in his/her home country.

This means that  Roland Tis will have a Scottish interpreter tomorrow night at Ibrox.

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