Telling the truth about Rangers.

Apparently some people have been telling lies about Rangers Football club.

However, I was disappointed that that Jack Irvine (of Media House International, Rangers’ PR firm) was reported to have not identified these purveyors of untruths about the Scottish champions in this excellent piece by Michael Settle in yesterday’s Herald.

Liars should be faced down, whoever they are and wherever they may be. Anyone fabricating untruths about Rangers FC should be named, shamed, and brought before the courts for defamation.

As regular readers of this site will know I have written quite extensively on Rangers FC over the past couple of years.  Here is a brief summary of some the stories related to Rangers that I have broken on here:

MIH (then RFC’s parent company) was likely to default on its loans to the bank.  The subsequent debt for equity swap and convertible preference share issue in favour of Lloyds’ private equity arm proved that this conjecture was well founded.

This site told you that Lloyds Banking Group had effectively taken control of Rangers FC.

Walter Smith the Rangers manager later told Chick Young on live radio that the bank was indeed running the club and Alastair Johnston’s exit interviews revealed the extent of that control.

This site reported the amount of underpayment in tax being sought from the club by HMRC. I also revealed that Rangers FC had already been billed by HMRC for penalties related to how the club had conducted its tax affairs (and provided the amount).

More recently, of course, I was first to bring Rangers fans the news that Gordon Smith would be the club’s new Director of Football.

Obviously, if I had fabricated any of these stories or had erred in any material way, Rangers should have issued specific denials. All of these stories have been on the money, and while some were vaguely dismissed (in a “non-denial denial” fashion) by the club at the time of publication, they have all been proven correct with time.  (Remember the widely reported misconception that MIH would be responsible for Rangers’ tax bills?)

Moreover, had these untruths impugned the club’s reputation then legal action would surely have ensued.

Rangers fans deserve to know exactly what lies have been told about their club and who is telling them.  I look forward to the follow up interviews.  I can only hope that Mr Irvine gets a bit more specific next time and names names.

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