Can we have our helicopter back please?

The aftermath of the daring SAS raid into Libya (one must always describe any action by Britain’s fabled Special Forces as “daring”) gets worse as the truth is further revealed.

Thankfully the lads from Hereford were captured and handcuffed by the good guys.

The following day HMS Cumberland steamed into Benghazi harbour, dropped anchor, deployed gangplank and went off to speak to the top boyos ion the Libyan resistance.

No problem.

However this isn’t nearly as sexy as a daring night flight by a Merlin EH101 into the desert.

The “small diplomatic team” were tooled up for some fairly undiplomatic stuff.

Never underestimate incompetence or foolishness in human affairs. If you do discount those main players in the human story you are on the slippery slope to sharing your conspiracy theories with other occupants of a locked ward.

The British “diplomat” could have got to Benghazi the boring way and carried out his mission.

Much more fun to be dropped into the desert at night with eight SAS chaps for company.

Much more, err, daring.

Yes, yes that’s the word!


Also bloody stupid and just a tad illegal under international law.

Foul ups in Libya is in the DNA of the SAS.

Operation Bigamy, as has already been mentioned.

However the large foul up was Operation Agreement on Tobruk.

At least this most recent fiasco is more like Bigamy than Agreement.

In the former no one died.

Now the Libyan resistance are the proud owners of a merlin helicopter that they certainly cannot operate or maintain.

Here in this Telegraph piece (easily the most favourable British blatt for the boys in uniform) they lay out all the terrible comedy of this.

You can also play the clip from Gadhafi’s state broadcaster. They intercepted the phone conversation between one of the resistance leaders and the current British ambassador Richard Northern to Libya.  No matter how odious a creature he is Gadhafi is still the head of state of the legal regime of that country.

One would have thought that after the debacle of the illegal invasion of Iraq that someone in the UK government would have a moratorium on this nonsense.

It is just more evidence that the Brits just can’t do “this striding the world stage” stuff anymore.

Leave this stuff to the Americans.

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