Neil Lennon

Three times in the past few months Neil Lennon and his family have been roused from their sleep in the middle of the night and moved to a safe location.

Last month Ulster Loyalists, who a security source confirmed to me “have access to weaponry”, sent Lennon bullets in the post. This UDA gang is strongly suspected by the PSNI as having been involved in the murder of Kevin McDaid in 2009.

In the last 24 hours yet another hate page on Facebook was erected and, after complaints, taken down.

This one was asking for information on Neil Lennon to facilitate his murder.

Just banter?

Facebook did their job promptly. Sadly my trade in Scotland has once more lost their moral compass.

I cannot think of anyone in British football that has to work under these conditions.

This should be a national story; indeed it should be the ONLY football story in Scotland.

This is a subject worthy of the First Minister’s time and attention.

Instead when the target of these threats and abuse loses his cool he is admonished like a difficult toddler.

Lennon and his family are under threat because he is the bête noire in a belief system that should have been tackled a generation ago.

He is an in-your-face-not-taking-any-of your-crap-uppity-Fenian.

He manages Celtic just  like he swaggered through many midfield battles wearing the Hoops.

He now manages the club he played for.

Given that “one side is as bad as the other” can anyone remember the 24 hour security that Grahame Souness had to live under when he was at the helm at Ibrox?


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