Expert tax advice from a man in the know…

My sources tell me that Andrew Thornhill QC will be speaking to a distinguished gathering of Chartered Accountants and allied trades in the tax efficency business  tomorrow in the Sheraton Skyline Hotel at Heathrow airport.

Thornhill, as regular readers will know, is currently defending Rangers in the Tier 1 tax tribunal which is due to resume in May.

The head of Pump Tax Court Chambers will be  speaking on  the tax efficencies of the Special Purposes Trust (SPT) not the older Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) scheme that has gotten the Ibrox club into  a tiny bit of bother with HMRC.

Nothing inherently wrong with an EBT of course as long as it is administered appropriately.

His keynote speech will focus around  “new tax solutions.”

No doubt many of the assembled throng will really want to ask him about the Rangers case and what it means  for their clients should HMRC win.

The chit chat over lunch should be interesting.