1966 and all that

So that’s that then.

Ingerlund are out.

If schadenfreude could be choreographed then it would probably look like this for the Germans and for those of us who love to see sporting misfortune fall on Winston Churchill’s boys……

There is a lot of history to the meeting of these two 1966 and all that.

I watched the match with my son. At 17 he is a promising full back with his school team. I KNOW he can defend better than this.

The first goal was Route One goalkeeper to centre forward. The German striker was outnumbered two to one yet it wasn’t even Klose.

The second goal confirmed that the Ingerlund lads were outclassed by a youthful German team.

The men in Alf Ramsey red fought back-fair play.

Two one.

Then it was karma time.

44 years on a linesman (sorry, “assistant referee”) finally did for English hopes.

In the second half the Germans were ethnically authentic. On the football field or the battlefield they have always been prone to a bit of counter attacking.

4-1 did not flatter Germany.

The damn Huns had a frightfully unfair advantage.

Better players.

I know, I know.


So unsporting.

The fascinating thing about the London media and, indeed, English civil society is that every two years the Ingerlund footie classes seem to think that-as in 1966-this is their year.

In 2012 it will be the European championships a competition that England have never won nor have they been in a final. They achieved third place in 1968.

Hardly the basis for the bombastic confidence that will gush in the media in two years.

After their biggest defeat at a world cup finals John Terry said post match that this English team had the potential to reach the world cup final.

Oh dear………….

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