Abuse of Hamilton FC player McCarthy (Radio Interviews)

Phil phoned George Galloway’s radio programme to inform him of the awful racist abuse that young James McCarthy had received from Rangers fans that day at New Douglas Park. Phil also told George that James had been racially abused the previous week by a section of the visiting St.Mirren fans.


Phil was emailed to say that there had been a caller to George’s show claiming to be a St.Mirren fan in Bolton who claimed that James McCarthy had NOT been racially abused by St.MIrren fans at New Douglas Park. Moreover that postings to this site putting the St.Mirren side of the story had been ‘taken down.’ As the site is moderated there is no need to ‘take down’ any message. Unsuitable postings are simply not approved. The usual reason being that the postings are abusive or very badly written.




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