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Inside John Waters (Free article)

6 May 2004

As I sat down to write this review I felt like the best man at a West of Ireland wedding. For the uninitiated within the Pale, basically all that is said by the aforementioned best man at these rural occasions is: “This is a decent man, his father was a decent man and his people are all decent people.”

Monsanto’s Trojan Horse (Free article)

8 July 2004

BY MICK DERRIG – As moviegoers are treated to Hollywood’s take on Homer’s classic about the destruction of Troy, nothing in the field of human conflict is new, except the weapons and the means of transportation.

Democracy out the door in Donegal (Free article)

22 July 2004

By Mick Derrig – These are bad tempered times on Donegal County Council. This week, I interviewed a very angry Pádraig Mac Lochlainn, one of Sinn Féin’s four county councillors.

Is the dream of Scottish independence over? (Free article)

19 August 2004

MICK DERRIG courts controversy with the contention that, as the current battle for the leadership of the Scottish National Party takes place, the dream of Scottish independence has been successfully defused by Tony Blair.

Scottish independence closer than ever – Emergence of new pro-independence parties the key (Free article)

26 August 2004

ALAN McCOMBES, National Policy Co-ordinator for the Scottish Socialist Party, replies to MICK DERRIG’s article in last week’s paper which argued that devolution has successfully defused the campaign for Scottish independence.

Bloom miscast in Ridley’s Crusade epic (Free article)

19 May 2005

Eagerly awaited from the man that brought Gladiator and Black Hawk Down to the big screen, Kingdom of Heaven is Ridley Scott’s take on the Crusades. Like his work all the way back to Blade Runner, it is visually stunning. The final siege of Jerusalem by Saladin’s men makes the battle scenes in Braveheart look like a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

O’Neill’s Celtic legacy BY MICK DERRIG (Free article)

2 June 2005

It’s been the best five years of my adult life. It brought back happy memories of childhood and re-affirmed what I am all about. I am, of course, referring to Celtic. Every tribe needs a chieftain, and in Martin O’Neill from Kilrea we had one of the best. In an age of agents and kickbacks, O’Neill loved the club he joined as manager in the summer…

Emigration’s human cost (Free article)

7 July 2005

This one-man play is raw visceral stuff. I was lucky enough to watch the world premiere at the Derry Playhouse recently. Patrick O’Kane plays out of his skin as Kevin Toner, who returns home after a long exile in Kilburn for a conversation with his dead father.

Léirmheasanna Leabhar – Book Review (Free article)

21 July 2005

The three books for review this week are: Slanguage – a Dictionary of Irish Slang; The IRA in Kerry 1916-1921; and Colossus – The Rise And Fall of the American Empire.

Indictment may prove tipping point in exposing truth on Iraq – BY MICK DERRIG (Free article)

3 November 2005

Historians of the Bush/Blair Iraq oil war will probably look back on recent events and find that the indictment of Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby, chief of staff to Vice-President Dick Cheney, charged with two counts of perjury last week, two of making false statements and one count of obstructing justice, proved to be the tipping point in finally getting…

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