Dave has a big week

Earlier this evening a trusted Ibrox source emerged from a week of Purdah.

He told me that it had been a somewhat tense week for several members of the Sevco High Command.

On Monday the Blue Room chaps went into dignified conclave to game out how the AGM would go.

However, firstly they had to discuss the fact that their manager had rather gone off script apropos the possibility of losing his striker Alfredo Morelos.

You will note that the ex-Liverpool Under 18 coach remained on message at the RIFC AGM.

My guy said that several members of the Sevco High Command had speculated how their esteemed chairman was going to spin the car crash accounts.

As usual, he didn’t disappoint.

His remark about the “debt-free stadium and training centre” had jaws dripping in the Blue Room.

However, it was clear that The People approved of the message.

Dave made some ambitious claims about self-sufficiency in two years.

Of course, Mr King would have been confident in thinking that there would have been zero journalistic scrutiny from the chaps on the sports desks.

However, there are other journalists abroad in Fair Caledonia.

I’m told that an evidence-based analysis of the RIFC financials by the BBC created high-Level anger.

Apparently, Douglas Fraser’s piece lacked the necessary succulence.

However, I can find very little here to take issue with.

Of course, Mr King was in Scotland for the AGM and another of those pesky court appearances.

According to reports, he gives evidence tomorrow in his case with the Takeover Panel at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

He is certainly a man in demand, as those world-class administrators at Hampden also wanted a meeting with him while he was in Scotland.

However, the South African domiciled convicted criminal didn’t take the SFA up on their generous offer.

I’m told that yesterday at another Sevco sit-down a senior member of the High Command asked Mr King to consider his position.

Apparently, what ensued was a frank exchange of views.

My guy said that the timescales have changed at Ibrox on the financial situation.

The money that was needed in January as per the RIFC accounts will now be required next month.

I was steered in the direction of £5m as the likely sum that is needed to plug the hole.

A good run from now on in the Europa League simply cuts Sevco’s losses for this season.

They remain a loss-making business without a credit line from a bank.

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