January light blues redux

This international break isn’t much of a sojourn for club managers.

Among all the other things they have to concern themselves with the January transfer window is looming.

Moreover, the quality of those decisions can have an important bearing on the manager’s stock.

This time last year Brendan Rodgers had probably already lined up Marvin Compper and Charly Musonda.


Thankfully, Celtic are in robust financial health and can cope with such costly errors.

Consequently, a drama doesn’t turn into a crisis.

Across the Clyde, the man who took instructions from Brendan at Anfield is gearing up for his first January Window.

I’m told that he has drawn up ambitious plans that have made several fine fellows in the Sevco High Command go rather pale.

My information is that Mr Gerrard has told the chaps on the Blue Room that he wants some additions to the squad to make Sevco “competitive”.

Apparently, Mr Gerrard doesn’t fancy some of the players he inherited from poor Pedro.

That’s fair nought and all part of management.

However, two of the players he has name-checked to the Sevco High Command as not up to it were big signings.

Moreover, the duo clearly has an ethnic affinity with the Ibrox customer base.

It shouldn’t need to be repeated, but the basket of assets is not flush with cash.

Indeed, since the Great Cash Burn of 2013, Sevco has been limping along on emergency loans.

In February this year, they had to go outside of the Blue Room to get the Phantom Overdraft from Close Brothers.

So what does Stevie want?

Well, I’m told from an impeccable source that the ex-Liverpool captain and rookie manager wants four players.

However, this stellar quartet will not come cheap.

My understanding is that the lower figure for the four will be £7m in transfer fees and it could be as high as £10m.

I’m sure the senior functionaries at Sevco will be comfortable about finding such a…ahem…“war chest”.

At the moment they are also busy with trying to raise finance to cover the shortfall as reported in the RIFC annual accounts.

That would be the shortfall that Dave aid he would take care of.


Despite that cold financial reality, the diktat from south of the Limpopo is to give Stevie pretty much anything he asks for.

Oh, and I believe that Mr G also wants a winter sun training camp during the shutdown, which if it goes ahead is another large bill to add to the pile.

For the avoidance of doubt, Dave won’t be paying.

Dave never pays.

That’s a kind of a rule I think…

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