Why the devil is still in the retail for Sevco

General Ashley was in Glasgow two days ago.

I’m told that he was looking over his most recent acquisition.

Interestingly, Big Mike was willing to take time out from looking over the House of Fraser to have a sit-down with the Sevco High Command.

However, he didn’t get a reply after he had told them that he was in town and available for a meeting.

The thing is the chaps in the Blue Room will have to deal with the Sports Direct whether they want to or not.

I’m afraid that fingers in the ears and saying “la la la” just isn’t a sustainable strategy for Sevco.

Meanwhile, spare a thought for those poor folk at Hummel.

They were guilty of putting all of their UK eggs into the basket of assets.

Last month I put the following questions to JD Sports:

Did JD Sports enter into negotiations with representatives of Rangers FC (or subsidiary companies of Rangers FC) to be a retail partner?

Is JD Sports still involved in those negotiations?

After some delays their PR person finally responded with:

“I’m afraid JD Sports are unavailable for comment.”

For the avoidance of doubt, I rarely put in a formal question to an organisation unless I already know the answer so no harm done then.

The cunning plan to outflank General Ashley was to have Hummel kit sold through the JD Sports retail operation.

Indeed I would not be surprised if the land had been acquired for a new store within shouting distance of Ibrox.

Despite the glib and shameless nature of the plan it rather fell down because the Conveyancing Consigliere didn’t spot the import of several key clauses in the retail deal signed with Ashley in the summer of 2017.

Perhaps the fact that Big Mike sent his top three contract lawyers to negotiate that Favourable Settlement should have been a warning to the Sevco legal expert.

You may recall that the Stenography Corps dutifully trumpeted this new deal as a great victory for King over Ashley.

Of course, this fantasy was swallowed whole by The People and they flocked to Big Mike’s superstore in triumph.

It was a pitiful sight…

Now the basket of assets could find themselves at the centre of a three-pronged litigation with Ashley, Hummel and JD Sports as the plaintiffs.

At the moment, every time the Hummel folk watch a match involving Mr Gerrard’s boys they will see The People sporting counterfeit Sevco apparel in XXXL.

This tat is manufactured in various parts of the Levant.

Moreover, it doesn’t earn a penny for Hummel or Sevco.

The latter remains a lossmaking business without a credit line from a bank.

For the avoidance of doubt, General Ashley knows that.

Consequently, time is on his side.

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