Celebrations that reveal a greater truth

The scenes of wild jubilation from the away fans at Celtic Park on 30th December 2017 tells a greater truth.

It was a sporting triumph for Espanyol Glasgow to avoid defeat at the hands of their more powerful neighbour.

The reaction of The People present in Scotland’s largest soccer stadium and on social media told a tale on them.

Gone was the Herrenvolk hubris, it was the sheer relief that the bigger club had not dished out the expected hammering.

This is the new post-2012 paradigm in Glasgow’s fitba feud.

On message board land The People were bracing for impact.

They were not looking forward to this fixture one little bit.

Fortunately, they found a Celtic team with almost nothing left in the tank.

This is as good as it gets for Sevco and, ipso facto, for The People.

For some, it was all too much.

When a draw is celebrated like a famous victory then that tells you that this is not a rivalry between equals.

The new club at Ibrox cannot match Celtic financially.

After the winter break, it will be instructive to gauge which team has been strengthened and which has not.

Celtic are in funds, Sevco are not.

Of course, I am of the opinion that having much more money than your opponent confers a sporting advantage in the professional game.

A strange notion that I can’t seem to shake off dear reader.



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