A tale of two meetings.

I understand that there were two gatherings of the Sevco High Command yesterday.

The first one mainly dealt with footballing matters.

To that end, I’m told, that the Admirable Warburton was brought in.

He was, as usual, excellently prepared to present to the Blue Room chaps.

The ex-City trader’s plan for the January window was to bring in up to five players that would augment and improve the squad and enable the Engine Room Subsidiary to kick on in the second half of the season.

Sadly, this was shot down rather quickly.

The Admirable Warburton was told that any transfer dealings would have to be either wage neutral or, ideally, lower the wage bill.

To that end, any player coming would have to mean a player going out.

The bottom line is that finances are tight, very tight indeed.

The spin to go out from this was that any influx of players might upset the fine balance in this best of the rest ensemble.

Of course, should Mr David Cunningham King decide to ‘Over-invest’ then the Admirable Warburton will have whatever it takes.

Of course, no matter what austerity measures are required to keep  HMS Sevco afloat I’m sure that Lee Wallace will still sit down to a World Class Breakfast at the Captain’s table every morning.

I was heartened to hear that Mr Stewart Robertson was there to give wise counsel on the issues around those excellent Lion Brand fellows.

Selfless to the end, I do hope that there is some help for those heroes.

Dunkirk Spirit and all that.

In the second meeting, the issue of the roofs and your own humble correspondent came up.

One director asked about the putative plans for the installation of nets in the three stands.

The question was put that if this does goes ahead then “are you not then proving that man’s point”?

Dear reader, I think that I’m the man in question.

I’m told that this perfectly sensible interrogative utterance was apparently ignored and the meeting moved on.

One chap stated that the Holding Company Vehicle needed “to get ahead of this” apropos the story on the Ibrox roofs.

Sadly the PR budget has been gobbled up, and the chaps in the Blue Room had not been expecting this story to break.

One thing that the Sevco High Command found most upsetting was the precision of the information contained within my initial story.

My understanding is that they had thought that this sensitive data had been secured within a very small group.

Ah well…

However, I was glad to hear that some directors are starting to have genuine questions apropos the roof issue.

One immaculately coiffed factotum did say that they were in discussions with the Chairman on this matter and it was hoped that he would be able to remotely join that gathering tomorrow.

As the second conclave broke up, I’m told that three of the directors broke away to have an ad hoc meeting apart from the other directors.

Need to know rule and all that.

We can’t have information leaking out as that would be bad…

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