When friends fall out

I am told that there was a very tense phone call yesterday between a world class football administrator and an immaculately coiffed chap.

My information is that the telephonic conversation was initiated from Ibrox.

It would appear that yesterday the PR chaps at Sevco decided that the reportage of the Resolution 12 issue was now a problem.

Indeed, they felt that the coverage had increased their difficulties to an unprecedented Level.

I understand that the conversation between Hampden and Ibrox became rather emotionally charged and no agreement was reached.

It was pointed out to the dignified chap that by their actions and utterances that they now had very few friends to call on.

Perhaps some folk in the Blue Room have been reading a little-known tome ‘How to lose friends and alienate people’ because that would explain their cunning plan.

Outwith Ibrox it would appear that some folks are positioning themselves for the possible shitstorm rolling in from the continent.

For the avoidance of doubt, if UEFA starts to seriously investigate the Resolution 12 issue then the corporate collateral damage on Planet Fitba could become major.

In my opinion, the tipping point would be a public statement of unequivocal support for the requisitioners from the Parkhead club.

Then there will be no hiding place.

Should that happen, then this will be a developing story.

And then some.


Nota bene.

Dear reader, I will be absent from this place for most of next week as I journey down the word mines. Consequently, I will not be providing my usual translation service for the output of the Fitba Fourth Estate. With that in mind exercise extreme caution at all times as some media products may contain contaminated lamb.

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