Scriptwriting in excelsis

Previously on Sevco…

The founder of Sevco Scotland Limited-through his lawyer-told the Court of Session today that he didn’t buy a club, rather he bought assets.

James Doleman (@jamesdoleman) live-tweeted the proceedings within the laid down reporting restrictions.

Here are some of them:

“Brown Sevco Scotland did not buy “the club” the bought the business and assets of the club”.

“The team are paid by Sevco, play at a ground owned by Sevco trained by a manager who is employed by Sevco, fans buy tickets from Sevco”.

Brown “What is the players went one way and the ground another, where is the “club” then?

Brown. “I realise that Rangers being the same club is a matter of life and death to some,”

Wouldn’t be a proper legal case without “the elephant in the room” getting mentioned


Whether or not Mr Charles Green is successful in his case to have Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) pay his legal costs this court case significant.

In lays bare for the Bears the opinion of the man who created the creature that they worship in the misguided notion that it is Rangers (1872).

This is brilliant scriptwriting and I’m hooked.

Meanwhile, there is an interesting storyline developing in South Africa.

In a future episode, Mr Jim White could return to the scene of the crime against journalism and this time try and really interview Mr David Cunningham King.

I realise that this would take some character development, but perhaps that is just pie in the Sky.

For dramatic effect, he could ask to see once more that impressive winery, just to check that all of those dignified bottles are still there.

It would be a real twist if they had already been seized by some state agency.

Then again, that’s probably not too believable a plot line.

The deftly nuanced PR strategy at RIFC continued tonight with this finely crafted statement.

For the avoidance of doubt Mr David Cunningham King has antagonised a billionaire.

Moreover, General Ashley is more than willing to use his wealth to have a very public victory over the South African based entrepreneur.

Of course, the Sports Direct commander has also trained his discounted guns on the local allies of Mr King.

He would, for example, be delighted to find out that someone who attended the meeting that decided on the Fit and Properness of Mr David Cunningham King did not declare an interest in the matter.

However, I am sure that didn’t happen and would not be passed as, well, fit and proper, by the script writing team.

It is just too fanciful to think that a senior football administrator would be so careless.

If this had happened, then it would take a substantial deus ex machina to reach a favourable dénouement.

However, I have to say that this series of Sevco has managed to ignore severable jumpable sharks and has all the verve of the 2012 series.

If the Sevco scriptwriting team do not get an award for this, then it is a case of injustice Off The Radar.

They deserve all of the plaudits because they have provided such excellent entertainment since 2012.

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