After the good news the bad news

It has been a feature of the New Regime at Ibrox that since March they seem to be benefiting from some very favourable press coverage.

Of course, such praise doesn’t come cheap.

Indeed, a reliable source has just informed me that the bad news for this unending good news is now north of £525,000.

One invoice, I’m told, was for £15,000 plus VAT.

This bill was for part of  the ‘Generations’  campaign for Season Ticket sales.

I suppose there is no such thing as a free launch.

I understand that the smart folk on Planet Ashley are preparing a move on the expenses culture of the New Regime.

Sources close to the action have informed me that Big Mike’s people have calculated a working figure of £220,000.

That includes the cost of bringing Mr David Cunningham King from South Africa to Glasgow on a regular basis since March.

Then there are also the perfectly justifiable costs of Mr Paul Murray’s pro bono labours and Mr Gilligan.

I understand that as well as the January 27th loan for £5m the New Regime also may have to find a sum approaching £380,000 for Big Mike.

This, I am told, is the cost of the legal action (for both sides) in the EGM injunction case this summer.

The combined figure of £600,000 would probably come close to what the Admirable Warburton has had to spend on his squad.

With regard to the legal bill, it does seem rather high, but I am very confident in the integrity of the source.

Of course, if any of the information contained within this report is inaccurate I will be happy to print a retraction and offer an apology to the Holding Company Vehicle.

All the Ibrox chaps have to do is either to contact me directly or issue a public statement denying the veracity of these figures.

They would just state that their PR cost base is not at that Level.

I’m sure the excellent PR professionals engaged by Sevco can manage that, and it probably won’t cost that much…

You will note that the coverage here is very different to that of the mainstream media.

Moreover, if you’ve been on this particular ‘journey’, you will note that the narrative that has been constructed here usually comes to pass.

In January 2014 I stated that the Sevco coffers has burned through all of the IPO cash and they were struggling.

The Holding Company Vehicle issued a statement saying to ignore this fella in Ireland.

However, three weeks later they had to arrange an emergency loan from Sandy Easdale and Laxey Partners secured against Edmiston House and the iconic Albion car park.

I rely on your support to keep this service going.

In the age of succulent stenography, I believe there is a greater need for independent journalism than ever before.

Míle Buíochas.

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