Magical mystery tour

The Ibrox scriptwriters decided to dangle another possibility this week.

Mystery investors.

I understand that several influential chaps from within supporter’s network have been briefed about exciting developments.

Representatives of The People were assured that several well-heeled folk with Ibrox affiliations were ready to invest considerable sums.

The key factor in this new storyline is that these 11th hours saviours are not named.

Whether or not this will come to pass what is undoubtedly true is that the current club trading as Rangers is in urgent need of external finance.

Radio pundit Derek Johnston once famously observed that investment in  the then Ibrox club was “a gift”.

It sounded risible at the time.

However, apropos the current state of the business at Ibrox and the material doubt over the ownership of key assets, any investment now would certainly be an expression of altruism.

Firstly there is the level of indebtedness.

The Sports Direct people consider the January loan (yes it IS a loan) to be in default.

I understand that they believe that they are owed £5.65m at this stage.

For the avoidance of doubt, there is little chance that the New Regime could pay that loan now if it were demanded via the courts.

Therefore, I fully understand why the scriptwriting team on the Sevco sitcom would want to conjure up some mystery benefactors.

The important factor in this new twist is that it had better not be fiction.

This remains a loss making business without a credit line from a bank.


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