The man who would be Sevco

We are now in the realm beyond rationality.

Let us assume that Mr David Cunningham King is being entirely truthful regarding his plans for Sevco.

The mainstream coverage was gushing as they gobbled up the sound bites.

The New Regime will, apparently, spend “whatever it takes” to guarantee Sevco in the top flight in season 2016-2017.

The Presser was light on detail, but big on ambition and this is the material that the Stenographers love to work with.

All of this is designed to create a feel good narrative for those who will buy the season tickets for the next campaign.

In all probability it will be The People who will be ‘over-investing’ in the coming months.

Of course, in another media dispensation every utterance of Mr King would be rigorously parsed and each promise questioned.

The South African based entrepreneur is fortunate in having such an obedient press pack at his disposal.

In an alternative universe the pages of the Scottish papers would be full of forensic analysis ripping this ‘business plan’ to shreds.

For the avoidance of doubt the team currently trading at Rangers is a loss making business without a credit line from bank.

Yesterday the new chairman stated that they would raise the cost base.

Indeed no upper limit was stated on that spending increase.

Mr Paul Murray met with no success in North America recently when he tried to interest possible backers in Sevco.

This included a friend of  the ex-interim Sevco chairman who has just become the financial controller of a major company in Canada.

The devil in all of this resides in the detail and Mr King was, to say the least, vague on the specifics.

He blithely stated that the club had “no debt” yet the hacks at the Presser did not mention the £5m owed to Sports Direct.

Moreover he was not challenged about his statements about the club owning all of the assets like Ibrox and Murray Park.

In the end it comes down to The People trusting the man branded a judge as a “glib and shameless liar”.

Mr King confidently predicted that he would sell out the season tickets and bring in £12-13m.

Once more he was not questioned after making that statement.

Politicians must dream about having such obedient journalists.

For the avoidance of doubt none of this makes any financial sense whatsoever.

I have watched the King Presser several times now and I have to say that the look on my face is priceless.

Irrationality is the order of the day…

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