A strange kind of raid

The more I learn about this ‘raid’ on the Sports Direct HQ then the more off the radar the reportage appears to me.

I have just been informed a by another entirely independent source that the…ahem… raiding party comprised of three police officers in total.

One uniformed and two in plain clothes.

My source shared an amusing vignette that two of the officers got separated from their uniformed colleague in the Shirebrook complex.

Of course, I cannot, at this stage, confirm or deny that the Bobby was lost!

One of the few facts in the Daily Radar splash that was accurate was that the police officers did ask whether or not Chief Executive David Forsey was in the building.

My source stated that the reason for their enquiry as to his whereabouts was entirely one of “courtesy”.

The police officers got what they came for.

Two pieces of paper handed to them, no doors kicked in, no sirens, no dramas.

And at that the ‘Raid’ was over…

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