The dangers of over-investing in the new Sevco narrative

Today the Sevco saga gave Planet Fitba another wonderfully hilarious line.

Here, Paul Murray held forth with this jaw dropping observation:

“With the club hit by financial disasters time and time again over the past few years Murray admits it would be easy to over invest.”

Yes, dear reader, the danger of over investing…

I think we can file that one with “front loaded” (Craig Whyte 2011).

Mr Paul Murray offered other amazing morsels of wisdom today for the hacks to gratefully chew on:

“This is a football club and the most important thing is what happens on the pitch, the first team drives everything in the club.”

Well this is a dazzling insight, from a man who has achieved so much in business.

It had never occurred to me that a football club would have football as its #1 investment!

In other news today:

“Microsoft CEO announces that writing software is their top priority”.

“BMW executive stuns Frankfurt auto show with revelation that cars will be their #1 investment going forward“.

Sorry, but this is risible stuff.

However, it will be regurgitated across the mainstream by obedient stenographers.

What the hacks should have pounced on was the admission that:

“We are currently piecing through the figures so we understand exactly what the club’s financial obligations are.”

If this statement is true then it is an amazing admission.

I can exclusively reveal that the new regime have some bad news waiting them once they go through the financial realities at Sevco.

Perhaps one of the stenographers would care to ask Mr Murray about £278,000 that leaves the company/club/celestial entity every month for the Sevco Triangle.

I have published this figure several times here.

Of course if my information is erroneous then the new regime can issue a statement and I will happily print a retraction.

When I first revealed this amount some of The People got rather upset by this, but I do not see it as my role to sooth the Ibrox clientele with feel-good fairy stories.

I will leave that to the award winning stenographers who seem happy to regurgitate this fluff without the hint of an interrogative.

It would be wise not to invest too much faith in the Ibrox related output of the stenographers in the months to come.

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