Paying and playing

Celtic boss Martin O’Neil once said that the beautiful game was about “those who play and those who pay” and I think he was spot on.

The history of professional sport is littered with examples of club chairmen who became the story.

It rarely ended well.

Since Friday morning it has been back to the future at Ibrox.

The love in between the media The People and the men in the Blue Room has been on full throttle.

In the meantime there has been very little inconvenient copy about the fundamentals of the business.

Of course that is because it is not what The People want to read.

At time of writing Mike Ashley is still owed, at least, £5m and this is secured against all of major the assets of RIFC/Sevco except Ibrox.

Moreover he controls the lion’s share of merchandising income through Rangers Retail Limited.

This might be inconvenient for The People, but it is true.

On the last published accounts RIFC posted a loss of £8m.

Despite this Mr King stated that they would have to spend more than they take in for the next two years.

If this Rangers decides to live beyond its means just like the old club then no one is forcing them into that situation.

As war chests of £10m were being discussed by the new men in the Blue Room Celtic’s Chief Executive Peter Lawwell stated that with the new TV deal in England was a game changer.

He said that Burnley now dwarfed Celtic financially.

This is true.

It is an inconvenient truth, but the problematic nature of the numbers does not render his assertion false.

What was lacking from Lawwell’s analysis was a hubristic sense of entitlement.

He would rather the world was different, but he has to deal with the situation as it is.

Meanwhile as the PR gushing continues on Edmiston Drive Big Mike is owed money and he will closely guard his lucrative contracts.

Coming back to O’Neill’s observation those who play could not put a single goal past Cowdenbeath yesterday.

The ‘Blue Brazil’ had suffered a 10-0 hammering from Hearts in their previous fixture.

As for those who pay then that is where the real action will be in the coming months.

It is clear that The People expect these well-heeled ‘Real Rangers Men’ to bankroll the club going forward.

I think you will find dear reader that it is the fans themselves who will Bear that onerous burden; it is just that they do not realise that yet.

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