Questions that will not be asked

If you believe in parallel universes then in one of them David Cunningham King is about to get asked the following questions:

  • You have given many mixed messages to Rangers fans about the future funding of the club. This has ranged from you having the means and will to fund the club as a benefactor to you merely being an organiser for funds contributed by fans- wealthy and not so wealthy. Can you now, on the cusp of taking at least visible control of the Ibrox boardroom, provide a funding plan that shareholders, creditors, and fans can all understand?


  • RIFC loses £8-9m a year currently. Will you increase spending to improve the football team? Will you cut spending to improve financial stability? If so, by how much?  Alternatively will you maintain losses at their current level?


  • If  you are to ask others to fund RIFC and this falls flat (they’ve already had to contribute to the RIFC IPO and then many bought shares to help win the EGM) then what is your plan B? Can you make an unequivocal statement that Dave King has the means and the will to support RIFC’s current or projected losses indefinitely?


Sadly in this universe the stenographers are giddy with glee and wetting themselves as if they had just been invited to a Royal Garden Party.

So don’t expect anything that resembles journalism.

Mr King is counting on the media and they are counting on him.

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