The cruelty of hope

In the five stages of grieving one of the cruelest things you can do to the bereaved person is to give them hope.

Denial is the first phase in the Kübler-Ross model.

In 2012 when the CVA was refused The People were numb, in denial.

Then a comforting chimera was dangled by Charlie and they grabbed it.

The mainstream media and the administrators of the national game have allowed the same club myth to perpetuate, despite it making nonsense of Scots Law.

Then there was the denial throughout 2013 that Sevco was also in financial trouble.

This year, now at an end, has battered The People into an acceptance that RIFC/TRFC is a basket case.

I might have written this before, but here goes:

New Rangers is a loss making business with no credit line from a bank.

With Lewis McLeod being sold as part of an austerity drive it appeared as if, finally, The People had realised just how bad things were at Sevco.

Now this share dealing today gives them some hope.

It is a sublime cruelty although, of course, that is not the objective of the folks who have purchased the shares.

For the avoidance of doubt the money that changed hands today on the Alternative Investment Market will not pay a member of staff for a single day or settle an outstanding bill.

Rangers International Football Club still teeters on the edge of insolvency.

If there were to be a new regime then they would have to put in place a CEO very much in the Llambias mode.

More players would be sold and still more staff let go.

The new chaps would then be the proud owners of the white elephant that is Murray Park and a crumbling stadium would also have to be dealt with at great cost.

Today The People have a little hope again.

Life can be cruel.

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