Wise guy

Mike Ashley is a smart man.

I learned more about him today that further confirmed that assessment to me.

He has surrounded himself with a smart team rather than a gaggle of sycophants.

For example Derek Llambias will tell his boss that he has got it wrong if that is what he truly believes.

Moreover this opinion will be delivered straight to his face.

Ashley, being a smart man, values this.

It means that he has quality information on which to base his business decisions.

Big Mike recently brought in a team of surveyors to have a look at Ibrox and I am told that these chaps were shocked by what they found.

The cost of bringing Ibrox stadium up to scratch is potentially more than the market value of Rangers International Football Club.

Yes dear reader, you read that correctly.

In order to turn Ibrox and Murray park into top class facilities with no snag list would cost between £18-£22m.

I do not have a breakdown, but I am told that the greatest costs are attached to the stadium that John Brown played for.

One item of this report that was shared with me was the state of the elevators.

In the lift trade they are colloquially referred to as ‘bangers’ they are old electro mechanical devices from the 1980s.

Because of the age of these elevators and their position in the structures it would require specialist removal before new ones could be installed.

This sort of service, of course, will not be cheap.

Once these old elevators are removed then there would need to be re-wiring to handle the new elevators.

I understand that the reason that the Wi-Fi and electronic advertising boards were so expensive to install at Ibrox was that there was a need for re-wiring.

The experts that Ashley brought in were his own people who look after all of his commercial properties including St James’ Park.

Therefore he has information he can trust.

However there are more pressing problems on the good ship Sevco.

I understand that there is a possibility that Big Mike might release a commercial dividend to cover payroll for December.

What this means is that what was intended to be paid on a monthly basis over the next six months will be paid now in one tranche.

However this generosity would come at a price and the deal would definitely be weighted in Big Mike’s favour.

Did I mention that Mr Ashley is a smart man?

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