That’s showbusiness

This week I had another meeting with Mr Movie producer.

He is convinced that the structure of his Downfall project will be to focus on the media story contained within the book.

I think he is correct, but then it isn’t for me to tell him his business.

The failure of the mainstream media to adequately report the terminal collapse of Rangers is well documented. In fact there is a book about it in the shops now.

However it is worth noting that the same hacks that looked the other way in 2010 and 2011 have yet to put a work out about the Rangers story themselves.

If Mr Movie maker wants a sequel to Downfall the Movie then one is being scripted now by the intrepid chaps on the Glasgow news desks.

Because I am working this story and developing sources I do find a real disconnect between the representation and reality of the Sevco saga.

This week the guid folk o’ Planet Fitba have been regaled with tales of a foreign ‘moneyman’ in far off parts who want to buy a controlling interest in the two year old club.

The idea that Blue Pitch Holdings want to increase their stake in RIFC to the point of control is, quite frankly risible.

They have said that they will buy into the Share Option, but others around the Board room table have their doubts on that one.

Then Aberdeen stated that they expected to be thwarted in gaining the services of Kris Boyd because they can’t financially compete with the club that currently plays at Ibrox.

That could be true, but the reportage was such was that the ex-Kilmarnock and Rangers striker was being offered the kind of salary that used to be on offer at Ibrox.

That appeared to me to be the implication.

I understand from sources that the package being offered to Mr Boyd is in the region of £110,000 per annum.

With bonuses that will go up to approximately £150,000 per annum.

Perhaps such terms are too rich for Aberdeen’s blood that is rather beside the point.

What is important is that behind the scenes Graham Wallace and Philip Nash are; whisper it, putting the entire Sevco operation on a professional and self-sustaining basis.

Boyd and Miller will no doubt be seen as popular signings as they once played for Rangers and that puts a historical veneer on Sevco.

Everyone can pretend that they’re back at Rangers and everyone will be happy with that fiction.

Boyd will also perform admirably in the second tier of Scottish football and his goals could be difference in the coming campaign.

I have also been told to expect some movement of sellable players towards the ‘Exit’ door at the two year old club.

However some young free transfer replacements have been lined up and I am sure that Mr McCoist has been fully kept in the loop about these developments.

The Christian Nerlinger move is another indicator that Graham Wallace means business and he is trying to make the best of this situation.

I know that he has sought the counsel of ex colleagues at Manchester City and elsewhere and he clearly believes that a Director of Football is the way to go.

The new structure envisages a DoF being paid £175,000 pa and a First Team Coach on £150,000 and an Assistant Coach on £100,000 pa.

At £425,000 this will be around what Mr Ian Durrant was paid last year when salary and bonuses were taken into account.

From now on any staff employed by Sevco will be paid a sane amount and everything will be incentivised.

I understand that the Share Option announcement is imminent and then expect a Share Issue as early as August.

Anything raised in the City will be a bonus, but the folks in the Blue Room reckon that they will have to take another hit on this, especially as the Season Ticket Strike has been a partial success.

Anyone who enjoys going to Ibrox to watch a team in light blue called ‘Rangers’ really should get behind Mr Wallace and Mr Nash.

Of course that really means buying Season Tickets.

Last week I submitted some questions to the nice people at the Commonwealth Games Press office about a certain venue in Glasgow.

So far they haven’t come back to me.

However I am sure that they will.

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