A newspaper fit for a King

I wrote here only a few days ago that “journalism without precision isn’t  really worth the effort”.

It would appear that the folks at the Daily Record weren’t paying attention.

From the Daily Record, the newspaper that gave us, “Craig Whyte, multi billionaire with wealth off the radar” more bunkum as the late Jimmy Sanderson would have said.

Today’s exclusive by John Ferguson claims: “Dave King gets the all-clear from the Stock Exchange to return to Ibrox.”

The article goes on to quote a spokesman for Aim as saying:

“I had a look in the reports and there were these issues in South Africa, the other thing was that he had been on the board previously.

“So the question would be whether these things would stop him taking a stake again.

“I think the answer on both these points is they wouldn’t.

“From the Exchange’s point of view if we are satisfied Rangers’ nominated adviser Daniel Stewart and Company has carried out the correct checks then he would be allowed to make this investment.”

My sources in the City tell me that the decision makers within AIM are furious at what they consider to be utter gobbledygook and are considering further action.

Also in Mr. Ferguson’s exclusive he states: “King is believed to have met Paul Shackleton of Daniel Stewart yesterday to discuss returning to Ibrox as chairman.”

This may come as a surprise to Mr. Shackleton who is on holiday!

The questions the Editor of the Daily Record should be asking today is did Mr. Ferguson (if he in fact really exists) speak directly to Aim and directly to Mr. Shackleton’s office or did he just speak to a PR company?

Or, has the Daily Record who talked-up Craig Whyte, Alastair Johnson, Walter Smith, Charles Green and Craig Mather decided facts don’t matter when it comes to Dave King?

The Daily Record a newspaper fit for a King!

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