A hidden bonus

While Planet Fitba fixates on the bonuses and remuneration of Charles Green there is another story of executive excess.

David Longmuir recently found that his job as chief executive of the Scottish Football League was abolished in the league reconstruction that created the SPFL.

In a head to head with SPL supremo Neil Doncaster, Mr Longmuir lost out.

Don’t feel for him as he received more than £200,000 in a severance package.

However, what is exercising quite a few chairmen from the former SFL is the bonus money paid to Longmuir over a four-year period.

It has emerged that he received £360,000 because of a clause in his contract regarding bringing in fresh sponsorship of the league.

However, one club chairman I spoke to said that Longmuir didn’t really do anything to attract this money as it trickled down from the SPL TV deal.

What concerns some club chairmen is that only SFL president Jim Ballantyne was aware of these payments and not the entire SFL board, and that the lack of corporate oversight is glaring.

When this became known during the re-organisation, SPL chairman Ralph Topping was particularly incensed.

I am told that new top boy Neil Doncaster was aghast at what he discovered going on within the structures of the old SFL.

While the SFL remained intact, Ballantyne and Longmuir were effectively free from any corporate oversight apropos the payment of bonuses to the now unemployed chief executive.

The term “misappropriation of funds” has been used in one missive about the situation.

At least one club chairman has questioned whether or not Ballantyne of Airdrie is a ‘fit and proper person’ to be a club chairman.

My sources also tell me that Longmuir himself expects to be offered a position at Sevco in the near future.

I trust that his remuneration package will be commensurate with his obvious talents.

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