Cometh the hour, cometh the man

Leadership cannot be taught, but some men just have it naturally.

Clearly Alistair McCoist is such a man, as was Margaret Thatcher, but I digress.

Today at Hampden park representatives of the 30 Scottish Football League (SFL) clubs gathered to formulate their collective view of the SPL’s restructuring plans.

New Rangers were represented by none other than Mr Alistair McCoist and another club employee.

All eyes were on the ex-striker as he stood to speak at the start of the meeting.

He was positively Churchillian as he called on the assembled representatives to reject the SPL proposals out of hand.

Moreover he wanted it put to a vote without further delay.

He reminded them that the clubs in the Scottish Football League were in a great position.

The rallying cry from Mr New Rangers was ‘one club, one vote!’

Mr McCoist was supported in his plea by East Stirlingshire chairman Tony Ford.

The Royal Navy ex-submariner fired a torpedo loaded with passion at the top table, saying that ‘Rangers’ were the biggest club in Scotland and, ipso facto, should have a vote in these proceedings.

As it was not an EGM, then it was no problem to give the new club ‘a courtesy vote’ for the day.

Now that’s nice.

When the McCoist proposal was put to a vote it didn’t quite go to plan.

After the votes were counted they revealed that 28 out of 30 did not accept Super Ally’s motion, with one abstention from Livingston.

That club seems to be keeping their options open despite Livi Chairman Gordon McDougall being on the SFL management team that has been looking into the proposals.

Only East Stirlingshire voted in favour of McCoist’s clarion call to reject the SPL proposal with everyone else voting against, including the other chap from New Rangers.

It is a bad day when your own guy doesn’t vote for your proposal.

Shome mishtake shurely…

The meeting then broke up for a convivial lunch, but Mr McCoist was nowhere to be seen.

He obviously had other important matters to attend to and had no time for idle chit chat.

Leadership can be a lonely place.

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