Independence Day

Today was one of those rare days when the good guys won.

The growing rebellion among football supporters across Scotland scuppered the plans of the powerful.

Just because people occupy influential positions doesn’t mean that they’re better than the rest of us.

It is also important when faced with people in power that act against the common good that you have an effective and civilised method of getting rid of them.

The people who buy the season tickets, the club merchandise and spend inside the stadium on match days were not, initially, being listened to.

Six weeks ago NewCo to SPL was a done deal.

With each passing day the fans of the dead club that used to play at Ibrox have confirmed by their own actions and inactions my harshest assessment of them.

The inability to have a public gathering without it descending rather rapidly into a bigoted karaoke needs no further editorialising from me.

However, their failure to organise any meaningful movement in a peaceful democratic city in the age of social media is remarkable.

The SPL vote today is a massive personal setback for Neil Doncaster.

NewCo to SPL was very much his project, his plan.

He is damaged goods, just like the league he heads up.

The mainstream media have played a shameful role in this entire saga.

They should have informed the public, but instead they spewed out propaganda about  the dire consequences of not allowing NewCo into the SPL.

Expect them to do same with the Division 1 fallback position.

The rules state that new clubs start in Division 3.

That is what should happen.

Today is no Brian Dempsey moment.

The rebels have not yet won and they may still lose to the massed ranks of marketing types who don’t understand what motivates the people who sustain the game.

They are supporters not customers.

They love a football clubs not a brand.

The Great Scottish Football war now will now see its climactic battle in the SFL.

It is the worst of times and the best of times for the national game in Scotland.

There is no doubt that it is a time for heroes not placemen.

Turnbull Hutton has emerged as an unlikely, but authentic voice of decency and sanity on the steps of the national stadium.

If justice finally prevails then those who cherish liberty will be dancing in the streets of Raith.

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