Celebrating a momentous year

The Celtic Network (TCN) took a huge amount of work behind the scenes before it saw the light of day last year.

I was involved from Day One and was proud to be asked to contribute the first blog.


The idea of the Celtic family developing their own media has always appealed to me.

To say the least we have not been well served by the mainstream media.

The idea of TCN is very simple.

It is effectively the grand central station of the Celtic online experience.

In effect a junction box of blogs and message boards where an alternative media an organically grow.

I had reason to thank the existence of TCN because it was on there that I told the Celtic family of the attack on my site last August.

When I was offline TCN was my first thought about how to get the message out there.

I am sure that all the partners on TCN feel as I do that this is a brilliant idea that should have been in place years ago.

Now that it is in place it feels like it has always been there.

To mark this first year in existence TCN has released a short E-Book.

The last year has been momentous in Celtic’s story and TCN has been part of that.

Although only 14 pages long there are over 50 links back to TCN articles, polls and picture gallery.


The book is £2.00 to download and all proceeds will be split between four charities:

The KANO Foundation

The Good Child Foundation

The John Hartson Foundation

Kibera Celtic Foundation.


For a mere two quid this should be on every Celtic supporter’s laptop  and no excuses.

Here’s to the next year!

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