Justice served

Hampden has witnessed many dramatic contests.

Last minutes winners, contentious decisions and medieval tackles in the rain.

However, May 16th 2012 is the date of one of the most historic results in the auld sang of Scottish fitba.

What makes this one stand out even more is that this victory for sport happened inside a room not out on the turf.

There was no crowd looking on, but we should all be cheering.

Lord Carloway, Allan Cowan and Craig Graham have done the state some service.


The treatment of the original “Hampden 3” suggested that the Rangers mob might be able to pervert to course of football justice in Scotland.

They certainly seemed determined to give it a try!

The people in charge at Hampden had decided to publish the notes of the original judgment.

It was a PR masterstroke for the SFA.

That is a sentence I never thought I would write dear reader.

The response of the Appellant Tribunal was vital to the moral health of the game in Scotland.

These three men, one of them an eminent judge, analysed the original judgment and found it competent and crucially they decided that the sanctions were appropriate.

This is justice without fear or favour.

I understand that this is something that is culturally incomprehensible to the average bear.

However, it won’t stop at this appeal hearing.

There’s more to come.

Much more.

In the weeks ahead Rangers football club will publically disintegrate from a myriad of self-inflicted wounds.

However, the main cause of death will be hubris.

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