Total victory

As I start to write this family and friends are still inside Celtic Park in party mood.

They deserve to enjoy the day and as these words blink to life on the screen my mobile phone wobbles with message after message from happy people who are in Paradise.

Of course, it isn’t just the 60,000 inside  the stadium, across the planet the Celtic family are part of a global Ceili.

In team games sporting success comes and goes in cycles and this is true of any code.

Players leave, managers lose their touch and events often conspire against even the best teams.

Of course in Celtic’s history it has often been more than events that have been part of a conspiracy against my club.

I grew up watching the Jock Stein Celtic team when the blue half of Glasgow, even with all of their establishment clout, could not overpower.

However even when I consider those times I cannot recall a time when the scales were so tilted in favour of the good guys in Glasgow’s football feud.

The SFA report into the rationale for the fines and transfer embargo leaves no doubt that Celtic defeated a tainted club to win the SPL this season.

The Notes for Reasons, mainly authored by Gary Allan QC, leave no doubt about the lack of dignity at Edmiston Drive.

This season, for example, the Ibrox club had the services of a player that they have not paid for, Lee Wallace.

Moreover, the people in charge of the club must have known when they signed the deal that the transfer fee would go unpaid.

The former Hearts player played 28 times for the SPL runners up scoring twice, including one goal against Celtic.

The selling club had difficulty in paying wages to their players through the seasons. No doubt they had budgeted for the Lee Wallace money.

There is a distinct lack of crowing from the Rangers klan about the new chap Charles Green.

Even the most bigoted, bitter and deluded bear will privately admit that I was correct about Craig Whyte.

Very correct.

However, because of the venality of the mainstream media in Glasgow, it  meant that Mr Whyte got an easy ride for the crucial early months.

Now the bears are told that season ticket prices are being increased and they have to stump up now.

It is almost as if they are being asked to meet the current cash flow shortfall before the New Co is instigated and the assets are hived off.


I notice a distinct lack of crowing among the Ibrox klan about the new owner.

Of course even slow learners are capable of getting it-it just takes that bit longer.

However today is about the victors not the losers.

Celtic won the SPL title without seeking to gain an unfair financial advantage over anyone.

The club has used a great scouting network that has unearthed young players like, Izaguirre Kayal and Wanyama.

At Kerrydale Street there no unpaid bills to the ambulance service and no tax scams denying millions to a beleaguered exchequer coping with a fiscal crisis.

Celtic football club is a decent corporate citizen.

They have the services of a young talented manager who has had to endure appalling racist abuse and repeated criminal assaults.

Through it all the entire Celtic family has stood up to the bullying and to the corruption.

Neil Lennon’s men won most games, scored the most goals and had the most clean sheets.

They also had the best disciplinary record.

Even without the ten point penalty imposed on Rangers the Parkhead club have won the SPL by the same margin.


The good guys have won today, but it is much more than a sporting triumph.

Moral victories are always the most enduring,

The spivs and thugs have lost and the good guys have won.

Celtic’s victory is both sporting and ethical.

Stand up for the champions!

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